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About Us

After two decades in the pricing industry, our founders felt there was something important missing from most of the pricing solutions that were being marketed and sold - Sustainability.

We believe that the reason current solutions aren't sustainable is primarily because companies want to see fast ROI, which leads to the implementation of solutions that have quick, but unsustainable benefits.  We've found it is relatively easy to raise prices, and show short-term profit growth.  But that strategy often adds risk to customer relationships and unrealistic expectations for future attempts to harvest profits through margin maximization.  While it is clear that margin expansion is sometimes appropriate, that determination can be made only through a comprehensive view of opportunities to impact the value of the company, based on the five sacred metrics of pricing success.

With the right strategies, companies can massively increase their value. When you consider that most companies have the potential to double their value in a period as short as 1-2 years, it's easy to see why it might not make much sense to chase after 1-2% price increases that might undermine the ability to maximize long-term profit growth. Revolution Pricing offers services and tools to determine the best pricing strategies based on a comprehensive framework and step-by-step approach, which is described in Price For Growth, a new book released April 2021 which outlines the concepts and philosophies required for companies to make maximum impact to their valuation. Our solutions are built on solving the bigger picture opportunities, which naturally result in tighter organizational alignment around critical, focused pricing strategies.


The results?  Sustainable benefits which massively improve the value of the company, using proprietary methods for identifying opportunities, planning actions, hypothesizing and measuring results, and continuously learning from the process. 

Contact us to find out more about our pricing strategy optimization services. 

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